Congratulations to Pat and Bob (aka Pat Jr) on winning the playoff championship!
Pat and Bob defeated Ralph and OB, who took second place.
Ryan and Kim defeated Vince and Joe in overtime to claim third place.

In the Individual tournament Fred Evans won the competition with a -10.
Ralph and OB tied for second place with a -3.

Handicaps shown are the final handicaps for the 2019 season and
will be used for the start of the 2020 season.

Secret Scorecard

We completed the 4th hole Tuesday to complete a full round of golf in 
only 17 weeks.

The Winner of the secret scorecard competition was Ryan Brandt with a 68 net.
Jim Spiegle was second 3 strokes back and John Munshour was third at 72 net.

On the 4th hole last week we had pars by Jodi Hornyak and Jim Biehl but
in the championship match Pat Eves played his best round of the year and
carded a birdie.

This Week

We will do something different and hopefully have fun.
It will be a team competition so you must have a partner.
Each player will ante up $5 into a pool with the top 3 teams winning.
Both players will hit tee shots and from that point on you alternate shots.
So when playing 17 if Ralph hits his tee shot onto the green and I put mine in the pond
Then I get to putt for a birdie and Ralph has to drop and chip.
In the extremely rare event that I miss the birdie putt, then Ralph is putting for par.
Play both balls until they are holed out alternating shots all the way.
Record both scores for your team.
When done we will total both scores and deduct the combined handicaps to get
a team net score.
The three lowest team net scores are the winners.
I expect that after this round many of you will want to change partners next year.

The Wrap up Tournament

Will be on Thursday September 19th at North Hills Country club.
The cost will be $95 per person.
It will be a shotgun start, starting at 1PM, so please arrive early.
Please, pay Ralph in advance

On this note I would just like to say that I am really look forward to 7 months
of not having to update the web page every week.  It's been fun.

Star Golf
Bill Freeman is our Still our Golfing with the stars champion for 2019.

Our best rounds from last week were Pat Eves with 33 net and
Rich O'Connor, Martin Cassidy and Bill Freeman with 34 net.
Congratulations, but keep in mind that you didn't win anything.

Did you ever wonder how many times you were a star?
Were you a star more often then that no good partner of yours?
Well there is a new table under the GWTS tab that shows how many times
each of us was a star.  Sadly it also shows how many times we were a schmuck.
Check it out.

Schmuck Golf

David Gilfor is still our Golfing with the schmucks champion for 2019.
Just because schmuck golf has ended it doesn't mean that we still can't
have a stinko round for the ages.  Here are last weeks worst efforts:
Kim Moebus takes first schmuck position with a 47 net.
But don't forget Dave Goodman with a 46 net and Joe Vizza with 
a 43 net.   Here's hoping better things come your way.


Congratulations to our Regular Season Champions 
Chuck Callender and Bill Freeman

Chuck and Bill defeated Jim and Jodi 5 to 3 to claim their second consecutive
championship.  The match was anyone's to win but a bad 8th hole cost Jim and
Jodi the lead.  You have to watch out for those 8th holes (say this part fast).

In a battle for third place Ralph and OB defeated Pat and Colleen 7 to 1.
Pat went to a trampoline park with the kids and had no jump left in his game.

Fred Evans still leads all golfers with the lowest average gross score at 44.7.

Bill Freeman took 46 points this season, the most by anyone.  I'm beginning
to wonder what exactly Chuck did!

Congratulations to our Survivor Champions 
Bill Freeman and Chuck Callender 
Yeah I changed it so it looks different, but it's still the same two guys.

The battle between Jim and Jodi and Chuck and Bill determined both the regular
season championship and the survivor championship.  Bill and Chuck (not Chuck
and Bill) won the survivor championship by posting a -2 survivor rating.
Bambi came out to see us play this week.  We got great shots from both Jodi and Robyn.
Sadly their golf shots didn't always come out as good.