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This is your Playoff Headquarters

Congratulations to Pat and Bob on winning the Team Championship!
Congratulations to Fred Evans on winning the Individual Tournament Championship!
There are plenty of things going on each week during the playoffs so even if you are eliminated
there are some good reasons to be there each week.

We will play a team elimination tournament as shown in the bracket.  Teams are required to
continue playing until we have a winner.  If you are tied at the end of 9 holes you should 
play additional holes until a winner can be determined.  You basically calculate points won
for each hole.  Strokes are given based as if you are playing the entire second nine.

Additionally there is an individual low net score tournament.  Each golfer will use their best
three out of four net scores.  So you can have one bad round and still be competitive.  
You just can't have one bad round each week.  To see the full Leader Board scroll down.  

The Golfing with the Stars and Golfing with the Schmucks competition will end after 
the first week of the playoffs.  After that not all golfers will have competitive matches.
Here is the bracket.  The wildcard team will be the team eliminated in week 1 of the 
playoff with the lowest survivor rating.