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Survivor Golf Overview

Survivor Golf is intended to add a team competition to the golf league. The concept is mine, I stole it from reality TV, but it should encourage golfers to make as many rounds as possible, use substitutes whenever they can, and add a healthy layer of competition to the weekly schedule.  Each team will start in the survivor golf pool.  The object is to remain in the pool until all other teams have been eliminated. 

Each week at least one team will be eliminated from the survivor golf pool.  A team will be eliminated based on their Survivor Golf Rating, which will be computed using the scores from their normal round.  The formula used to compute the Survival Golf Rating is defined in agonizing detail below. 

Your team cannot be eliminated because Bernie has decided to vote you off.  We will not vote teams off, but if we did, we all know that Bernie would be the first one eliminated.

Once a team has been eliminated they cannot re-enter the survivor golf pool.

Computing the weekly Survivor Golf Rating (SGR)

Teams will play their normal golf matches.  Survivor golf will not change the way the weekly match is played or scored.  No points will be awarded to any team based on the concept of survivor golf.  The weekly schedule will be modified to identify which teams are still in the survivor golf pool.

At the end of each round the team’s Survivor Golf Rating will be calculated for each surviving team based on the teams combined net scores. If only one member of a team plays, that players net score will be doubled to obtain the team’s survivor score.  If a substitute is used, the net score of the sub will be used, however bonus points will be applied to your Survivor Golf Rating.  

Sub bonus points will be awarded based on the sub’s handicap.  1 bonus point will be awarded if the sub’s handicap is between 0 and 14 (inclusive), 2 bonus points are awarded if the sub has a handicap between 15 and 19 (inclusive) and 3 bonus points are awarded if the sub has a handicap of 20 or above.  Sub bonus points will be deducted from your combined net scores to determine you Survivor Golf Rating.  If one sub is used to fill in for both league golfers, the sub’s net score will be doubled, however, bonus points will only be applied once.   If two substitutes are utilized the bonus points for each sub will be applied based on their handicaps.


How Teams Are Eliminated

Each week one or more teams will be eliminated.   The easiest way to be eliminated is to not show up.

Teams that do not show up and that do not have substitutes will automatically be eliminated from the Survivor Golf Pool.

If a surviving team fails to play a match and fails to have at least one substitute they will automatically be eliminated at the end of that round.  If multiple teams meet this no-show criteria they will all be eliminated and no team will be eliminated the following week(s), until the number of teams is again equal to the number of remaining weeks.

If all surviving teams participate, the team with the highest Survivor Golf Rating (SGR) will be eliminated.  In the event of a tie, the number of points earned that week will be used as the first tiebreaker. The team with the fewest points won would be eliminated.  If the teams are still tied, a match of cards will be used as the second tiebreaker.  The cards would be matched against each other to see which team won the most points. 

If the teams are still tied we will go back to the previous week’s Survivor Golf Rating and follow the same tiebreaker process.


The Survivor Golf Winning Team

The sole remaining team at the end of the year will be the survivor golf champion, and in addition to the high degree of prestige they will have earned, they will also be recognized handsomely at the league wrap up event.