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This is not a joke.

On Tuesday evening July 12th on the 3rd hole of the 5 Ponds Golf Course, 
John Himes mistakenly hit his tee shot directly into the hole resulting in a score of 1 for that particular hole.

This is the first Hole in One in league play as long as I've been a member and that has been 
about 35 years.  At least it seems like 35 years.  Perhaps it just seems long because I always 
seem to be stuck behind a slow foursome.

Ralph says that Cindy Powell had a hole in one in league play but he might be the only one in 
the league that even remembers Cindy Powell.

Anyway we all want to congratulate John on this remarkable achievement.

John Congratulations !

Now that we have that out of the way let us look at the round results.

John shot a 60 for 9 holes, with a hole in one.
He carded 3 sevens, 3 eights, a nine, a five and a one.
Yep that adds up to 60.  Yep, that's 25 over the par of 35.
Instead of saving his hole in one ball, John hit it into the pond on the very next hole.
John ended up with a 44 net, this tied for highest net score in the league that evening.
Naturally that will make him a schmuck and he will be playing for schmuck points next week.
He becomes the first and probably the only person to ever shot a league schmuck round
with a hole in one.
John also lost all four points.

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